Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Fake experience on CV's

This has been bothering me for the last 6 years! When I was testing novice, I was given sagely advice by many of my well wishers that it is almost impossible to get a job without adding fake experience on my CV so I should just add it. I have nothing against them as they truly meant to help me and gave the best advice they could. What I am against is the fact that people feel compelled to add such fake experience in the fist place.

I have been observing the trends in my own little way on this issue. I have been approached many times by people requesting a help in getting their career kick started. The requests for help varied from CV review to putting in a good word with hiring managers that I know of. The requests were varied, people were from varied backgrounds but unfortunately one constant was that almost all of them had some fake experience on their CVs. I should add here that many of these people have actually managed to get jobs with such CVs.

In my opinion, what this reflects is the sad state of hiring processes within our industry. Some of the important questions I see here are:

  • Why do potential candidates feel compelled to add fake experience on their CVs?
  • Why aren't there many jobs for novice testers? 
  • How do candidates with fake experience manage to sail through interviews and land jobs?
  • Are there any portals(for the lack of better word, my brain has frozen) where newcomers can get advice on such matters? If not, maybe we need to come up with some!
As I sad, these are just a few of the questions. Each question in itself leads to many more questions.

I have for my part tried my best to give advice to candidates in such situations but it is not always that such advice is welcomed.

In my opinion, the whole situation is not a candidates fault but in fact a bad reflection on our industry. I know that many people who actively mentor new comers and provide support and advice. But it needs more. 

I am open for your comments and suggestions on improving this situation. If you have never faced a situation like this, then maybe its just my bad luck. If you have however faced it, do let me know. If nothing it will help me understand how rampant this problem is.

After having read a few of the comments, I think it is time for a disclaimer :)
Disclaimer: This is purely based on my limited experience and is in no way a reflection of wider testing community. The purpose of this post is to see how relevant the problem is and what we can do to improve the situation.